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For 10 years, I have been driven by my passion to support clients as they work to improve their overall quality of life. Since 2008, I have worked in outpatient settings with those struggling with anxiety, depression, divorce/separation, grief/loss and eating disorders (please click here for a complete list). From anorexia to compulsive overeating, I work with all aspects of eating disorders. I believe no two cases are alike, and I look forward to continuing to help provide meaningful changes in my client’s lives.

My “toolbox” of techniques reflects my expertise and knowledge of the most effective methods of treatment. I believe each individual is unique, and is capable of growth and change. From cognitive behavioral therapy to dialectical behavior therapy, I will use a therapeutic intervention that meets your needs.

In addition, I have experience working with women who struggle in their friendships. My book, Surviving Female Friendships: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly addresses common issues in female friendships.





Eating Disorders

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